Voice of Dirt Road FM

Frank Gerard


Growing up in Northeast Ohio, young Frank Gerard loved pretending he was “the guy on the radio”. He did impressions of everyone from U.S. Presidents to his teachers, friends, relatives and even his sweet grandmothers.

Now an accomplished media veteran and voice actor, Frank Gerard has recorded voice over projects for all types of businesses, from local merchants to local radio stations, from small companies to large national brands including: McDonald’s Canada, Nintendo, Amazon Prime, Foxwoods Resort Casino, and more.

An Ohio native who has lived all over the United States, Frank is also the voice of many radio stations across North America and is also in high demand as an experienced audiobook narrator and producer. Frank’s friendly, versatile, accessible, genuine, and relatable style makes him a top pick for everything from commercials to audio book narration to corporate training and instructional narration.

Frank Gerard can voice just about anything. From “guy next door” voice, broadcast-style, funny, snarky, anthemic and serious, to many impressions and characters, Frank is often referred to as the “The Man of 500 Voices”. Frank is the “Official Voice of Dirt Road FM”

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